Friday, May 22, 2015

Short Film: Everything & Everything

"Everything & Everything & Everything" Written and Directed by Alberto Roldán

"Everything & Everything & Everything"is a surreal, science fiction-flavored allegory about greed.  In it, a poor man who discovers a mystical blue pyramid in his apartment that produces doorknobs seemingly out of nowhere.  His entire life changes when he realizes that he can make money selling the doorknobs, if only he find the man power to make the mysterious pyramid a profitable enterprise.

What's so beautiful about this film is that Roldán leaves the film's meaning open to interpretation.  This could be a story about greed or obsession or integrity.  Take your pick.  The result is a short film that makes a really person point to a very wide audience.

Alberto Roldán takes a story that is absurd of it's face and deftly turned it into a compelling and thought-provoking short that makes a meaningful comment on consumer culture. 
"The oppressively vapid life of Morgan is forever transformed when a mystical blue pyramid - that inexplicably produces doorknobs - appears in his apartment. What follows is a tale of greed and loss as Morgan builds an impossible, absurd corporate empire of doorknobs."

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