Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sci-Fi Round-Up: May 6, 2015

Brain Bot by Pablo Castaño

"Brain Bot" by Pablo Castaño

Interview: Aidan Moher interviews Mira Grant, author of Rolling in the Deep.

Interview: Andrea Johnson profiles Paolo Bacigalupi, author of The Water Knife.

Interview: The Functional Nerds interview Adam Christopher of The Machine Stops.

Interview: Joel Cunningham on Paolo Bacigalup, author of The Wind-Up Girl.

Interview: The Mary Sue interviews Liana Brooks, author of The Day Before.

Interview: My Bookish Ways interviews Brooke Johnson, author of The Brass Giant.

News: NASA claims to have tested a “reactionless” space drive, and if true, it means BIG changes on the horizon. The basic principle is: put lots of microwaves into the right shaped chamber, and thrust appears. Electricity to motion in free space? Much skepticism. But nearly a year and much more testing later – the story is getting weirder. This means it might be possible to travel to Mars in just 70 days, making a round trip feasible for the first time. Turns out real life is progressing faster than fiction predicted. Let’s just watch out for unintended consequences.

9 incredible low-budget science fiction movies: Moon, Monsters, Primer.

Dune at 50: Pop Culture Is Hooked on Spice.

The Future Envisioned at Museum of Science Fiction.

The Guardian Issues a Progress Report on Female Writers in Genre Fiction.

John Scalzi on The Myth of SF/F Publishing House Exceptionalism.

Judith Tarr asks Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction?

Liked the Hunger Games? Add these 5 dystopic novels to your list.

Not-so-Elementary! These 6 Science Fiction Detectives Are on the Case.

Orphan Black fan explains the importance of the show’s LGBTQ representation.

Patheos on Negotiating Muslim Steampunk.

R.C. Smith on The Gifts of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Rich Horton on The 2015 Hugo Nominations.

These Imaginative Worlds Will Forever Change How You Think About Africa.

Uproxx on The 6 Best Russell T. Davies Doctor Who.

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