Friday, May 22, 2015

Paintings: Steampunk Cityscapes

"Steel Moon" by Germany-based Vadim Voitekhovitch

Voitekhovitch envisions a steampunk Victorian landscapes populated with airships.  His paintings are absolutely packed with air ships right alongside tumbledown warships, sleek submarines, and even steam-powered buses.  It’s a world full of discovery, prosperity, and a lot of ingenuity. You can see more of Voitekhovitch's work at DeviantArt.

Chasing time by Vadim Voitekhovitch

´High Society News´ by Vadim Voitekhovitch

The aircraft by Voitv

The edge of the town by voitv

Thunderer by Voitv

Old Harbor by voitv

Curfew by *voitv

Tide by Voitv


Heavenly nautilus by Voitv

Postal dragon by Voitv

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