Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Link Round-Up: May 19, 2015

Check Out the New Look For Brandon Sanderson’s Alcatraz Books

Fully-Functional TRON Lightcycle Sold For $77,000

George R.R. Martin responds to that upsetting scene in last weekend's Game of Thrones.

Listen to Benedict Cumberbatch Read Kafka’s The Metamorphosis

Simon Pegg criticizes science-fiction and genre films for “dumbing down” cinema… which Salon describes as “a Franzen moment”: Book criticism needs a poptimist revolution to take down genre snobs. The comments lead HitFix to wonder “How did a sci-fi geek like Simon Pegg miss the point of sci-fi so badly?” but, in a post on his official website, Pegg made a much more complex argument that also reaffirmed his love of geeky things. (Via) Now Pegg is offer a mea culpa, saying that his “Big Mouth Strikes Again.”  Personally, I think Simon Pegg’s Comic Book and Sci-Fi Movie Comments Aren’t Entirely Wrong, and whether you agree or disagree, clearly the man is passionate about his art.

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