Monday, May 18, 2015

Link Round-Up: May 18, 2015

Breaker of Chains by Melusaaste

25 Things You Didn’t Know about Star Wars Guru George Lucas

Could Doc Brown’s DeLorean even get up to 88 mph in that parking lot?

Infographics: Droids: A Visual Guide

The IPs are coming from inside the house: The hilariously absurd technobabble of CSI Cyber, incoherent techno-paranoid diaper and last best hope of the CSI franchise.

Let’s take a closer look at the post-apocalyptic rides in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Procastinator Patch by NO FUN. Made me smile.

This Star Wars Collector Built The Perfect Display For His First Run Kenner Figures

YouTube Musicians Are Doing It For Themselves: It started with Scopitones in bars, then people Wanted Their MTV or watched Friday Night Videos or let their videos Pop Up. The common thread? All that production and distribution took giant piles of money that generally could only come from Big Labels. Then came the march of technology: mp3, mpg, h.264, iTunes, Garage Band, Final Cut, dSLR, and all the rest. Now, not content to just share self-made mp3 audio, the current batch of YouTube musicians are making ever more elaborate music videos, and growing a big audience, without a major label in sight.

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