Friday, May 15, 2015

Link Round-Up: May 15, 2015

"My final for art history. It was either this or an essay... Obvious choice is obvious."

12 Nintendo-Inspired Rides And Attractions Universal Needs ASAP

In a recent video from the Tested series, Adam Savage’s One Day Builds, Adam Savage and friends wire a nearly perfect custom-built captain’s chair from the original Star Trek series, complete with working lights and sounds.

Robin Williams nesting dolls

Star Trek Apartment Goes up for Sale

The Star Wars Death Star Light Up Inflatable Ball from ThinkGeek is an inflatable beach ball toy modeled after the Death Star, the famous planet-destroying space station from the Star Wars franchise. The beach ball is armed and fully operational with LED lights that activate on impact, and it has a diameter no bigger than 14 inches.

Wallpaper you can color in by Jon Burgerman.

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