Thursday, May 14, 2015

Link Round-Up: May 14, 2015

"Thorin" by Sweden-based Ylva Ljungqvist (Spader7)

News: The inevitable has finally happened. Reddit is going to start creating original video content.

Anyone in the mood for a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine binge-watch?

Apparently, George Miller’s version of Contact was closer to Interstellar than what we eventually saw in theaters when the movie came out.

The creatives at ThinkGeek have released an amazing Avengers: Age of Ultron-themed Captain America shield backpack for assembling and safely storing all your schoolwork and superhero accessories. The officially licensed backpack is available to purchase online.

For those who need a break from work or have 15 minutes to kill, here is a fun online game about matching colors.  Created by Spanish designer and developer Jorge Moreno, the simple game called Kolor is made with JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.  You are asked to idenity a specific color as fast as you can from a growing palette that becomes increasingly similar. It has a straightforward objective but still rather addictive.

Look no further than Craigslist if you dream of being a master of evil; they’ve got fine Imperial Star Destroyers on sale—only slightly used!

Putting artists to work in World War II: The United States Army would design a "deception unit": a unit that would appear to the enemy as a large armored division with tanks, trucks, artillery, and thousands of soldiers. But this unit would actually be equipped only with fake tanks, fake trucks, fake artillery and manned by just a handful of soldiers.

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