Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Link Round-Up: May 12, 2015

From an alternate universe in which Daft Punk is a pair of elite assassins.

Interview: George R.R. Martin on Why Gandalf should have Stayed Dead.

14 Awesome Doctor Who Fashions for Wannabe Time Lords

Given that so little of it is ever exhibited or ever will be, maybe we could start at the bottom and sell some stuff out of storage that has no real prospect of being shown. What would that buy? Selling just 1 percent of the collection by value—much more than 1 percent by object count—would enable the [Art Institute of Chicago] to endow free admission forever.

A Homemade TARDIS Console Room Because Why Not

Helloooooo Nurse! The Silent Hill Action Figure of Your Dreams Nightmares

Seb Lester is an astonishing calligrapher and graphic designer. In this clip, he freehands a number of famous logos...  But he's got so much more to see. His YouTube channel is filled with videos that are simply amazing.

There’s Only One Army That Really Matters On Game Of Thrones

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