Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Link Round-Up: December 30, 2014

Bow Ties are Flying Away by ~nokeek

"Bow Ties are Flying Away" by Russia-based Lena (Nokeek)
"In Russian there is one word for "bow ties" and "butterflies". It's no wonder, because bow ties looking like butterflies... So I have this idea for a long time and tried to realize it recently"

KickStarter: Sandy Collora, the man behind the classic fan film "Batman: Dead End," World's Finest and the indie sci-fi Hunter Prey, is kickstarting an art book called The Art of Creature and Design. Collora not only created these awesome film projects, but he also has worked as a character and creature designer for films such as Men in Black, The Crow, Predator 2, Little Monsters, The Abyss and more.

Disney’s Exquisite Digital Eyes Bring Avatars to Life

I never thought I'd see the day.  People are now turning to 3D printing to make their cutting-edge phones of the future look like old Walkmans.  Yeah, it's the Walkman from Guardians of the Galaxy, but come on!  Those things made me feel like a dork in the eighties.  Why would a wear one now?

Joy, Sorrow, Regret, and Reassurance: The Singular Beauty of The Last Unicorn

Model Sheets is a Twitter feed where someone is collecting model sheets from all kinds of cartoons, including South Park, classic Warner Bros. and Disney, Don Bluth, cable cartoons, old saturday morning stuff, and anime.

Teaching Political Science through Game of Thrones

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