Friday, December 19, 2014

Fan Art Round-Up: Gandalf

"Gandalf Pencil Drawing" by Norway-based Dino Tomic (AtomiccircuS)

Gandalf Fan Art Gallery

Yeah, it's called The Hobbit, but we all know who the real star of the franchise is, don't we?  If I had been the one to write this series, it would have been called "The Gandalf Chronicles."  That, and there would have been a lot more dragons.

"Gandalf, The Grey" by Brazil-based Josi Fabri (Esteljf)

"Gandalf the Grayscaled" by Malaysia-based Shahir Shakir (Wulfsbane)

"Gandalf" by Tess (Skippy-s)

"Gandalf" by Brazil-based Rodney Buchemi (Buchemi)

"Gandalf the Grey" by Spain-based AmBr0
Watch a timelapse video of this sketch being drawn.

"Gandalf" by Italy-based Franco Clun

"Gandalf the Grey" by Netherlands-based Daisy van den Berg (D17rulez)

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