Monday, December 22, 2014

Gaming Round-Up: December 22, 2014

News: Ex-dev leaks existence of The Last of Us sequel

Rumors: Cross your fingers.  The Saga comic series could become a video game!

After receiving a stay of execution earlier this year, Computer & Video Games magazine is coming to an end. Its editors share their memories of working for the magazine and site these past 33 years.

Arcade Review offers an intriguing take on the history of the computer glitch: "I agree with the claim that they are horrifying and hilarious, and also that they invented videogames. Glitches both predate and predict videogames, and in many ways they have allowed digital games to become something other than their analogue counterparts superimposed onto a computer."

Arcadian Rhythms complains that video game homes are generally shit.  This isn't news, but it's a fact worth commiserating.  Personally, I once spent a summer earning an apartment in Project Entropia, only to face bitter disappoint at just how little you could do with the space.

Best Games of the Year: The Guardian | Nerd Reactor | Newsweek | San Jose Mercury News | USA TodayWall Street Journal

Celebrate 20 years of Marvel vs. Capcom with its wildest combos

Chris Breault on the ubiquity of map illumination as a game mechanic.

Gareth Damian Martin takes a look at architecture in games, particularly in recent experimental works like Shadowing, Abstract Ritual and NaissanceE.

Hunger Crunch is a FREE online game that fights world hunger. All proceeds go to help feed orphaned children around the world.  Play the game online or download it from the App Store!

Kotaku's Patricia Hernandez comes to PewDiePie's defense in an article on What People Get Wrong about YouTube's Biggest Star.  She draws material from his interview with Icon Magazine

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson outbids Jay Z, Beyoncé for $70 million "mega mansion" in Beverly Hills.  You can check out the photos on Game Revolution, and believe it or not, there's already a model in Minecraft.  Notch recently explained why he sold Mojang to Microsoft, saying the exposure it gave him was something he no longer wanted.

The New York Review of Video Games is a title that tells you everything you need to know about the approach Chris Suellentrop is taking in his new project.  Steve Gaynor of Gone Home analyzes both The Evil Within and Alien: Isolation and how they finds that both venture to strange places in their attempts to play to nostalgia.

Over at Escapist Magazine, Robert Rath has a few notes on what Far Cry 4 gets right and wrong about its Nepalese setting.

PopMatters’s Jorge Albor recently found himself unexpectedly relating to the complex racial politics of BioWare’s Dragon Age Inquisition.

This Call of Duty ad may be the worst ad ever made. We think. Until now, it was only Canadians who were subjected to it

The stories of Zelda II villagers, told in sonnet form: “I keep the door locked, I wish not to die / Though alone I know to stab toward sky.”

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