Friday, December 19, 2014

Fan Art Round-Up: Gandalf

Gandalf Fan Art Gallery

"Gandalf - Digi-painting" by Norway-based Mathias Olsen (Lasse17)

"Gandalf the Grey" by Canada-based gLadzy kei (Keikei11)

"Gandalf" by Germany-based Chris (5IC)

"Gandalf - The Hobbit" by Los Angeles-based Jeff Delgado (jdelgado)

"Gandalf the Grey" by Sweden-based LotsOfLowe
Photoshop + Bamboo tablet ~ 9hrs

"Gandalf Illuminated (fin)" by San Diego-based Lee Kohse (Kohse)
11x14 Holbein Oils on Masonite

"Over Hill" by Singapore-based Joel Lee (Maxbat)

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