Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Link Round-Up: December 5, 2012

We Come in Peace by Ismael Sandiego

"We Come in Peace" by Ismael Sandiego
Prints available on Society6

Can Art be Games?

Comics based on the greatest tweets of our generation: it's Twitter, The Comic

Eric Jou profiles Wang Xiao Kang aka Master Kang, in celebration of his fantastic Iron Man (and other) armor achievements.

Researchers at Keio University have developed a desk that will automatically guide the tip of a pen to draw straight lines or perfectly round circles. It can even guide an artists' hand through a pre-determined illustration, making the technology sound like a forger's dream come true.

Reuters has published it's annual list of its best photographs of 2012. One Redditor wanted to know more, though, so he analyzed the EXIF data of all 95 images to find out which cameras, lenses, and settings were used by the Reuters photographers. Peta Pixel points out that another user, mathiasa, took the data and turned it into a bunch of charts.

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