Monday, December 10, 2012

Artist: Maja Wrońska

Water Colors and Sketches by Maja Wrońska

This time watercolor from Rome, Italy. This is the view on St. Peter's Basilica and the Ponte Sant'Angelo during the sunset. I totally made it up, because I painted it from b&w postcard I bought in Rome hope you like it

Another watercolor from summer trip to Prague, Czech Republic

Brooklyn Bridge painted from the photo I found online. .Lines are a little askew, because I didn't use the ruler... hope you like it :) greetings. Watercolor on paper 56x42cm

I was so tired with all this painting, so I submit something I really love doing. It's pencil drawing of Dolmabahce Sarayi Palace in Istanbul. I drew it from the photo I found online. I hope you also like it, because i prefer it than waterolors


Praha painted from the photo I found online. I also created the tutorial

At my university we've a special tradition - when it rains we don't fold our umbrellas and leave them in the main hall instead. Sometimes it's difficult to walk through the hall, cause there are hundreds of umbrellas lying on the floor, but we don't care cause it's a funny thing...I didn't submit anything for a while, but well... school started, hope you like it

Another quick painting, exercises with color. Watercolor from my holiday trip to Venezia. This time on the smaller paper

It's the other one from Venice and created during my umbrella obssesion :) I love to paint it sooo much! What more can I say? ...hope you like it

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