Friday, June 16, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: June 16, 2017

Blade Runner Cover Art by Krzysztof Domaradzki
Created for ImagineFX Magazine #143


Actor Sam Elliott On Riding A Wave Of Popularity At 72
Bruce Sterling: science fiction won't make the future better
The Director Of Tank Girl Talks Wonder Woman And Misogyny
Interview with Susan Dennard, author of the Witchlands Series
Neill Blomkamp talks about his new short film, "Rakka"


Chris Colfer Is Adapting His 'The Land Of Stories' Novels To The Big Screen
Colin Trevorrow's Latest Film Flop Has Star Wars fans On Edge
James Gunn Wants To Retcon A Scene From The First Film For ...
Japanese Researchers Are Developing A Giant Snake Robot To Explore ...
Man In The High Castle Season 3 Casts Jason O'Mara In Major Role
Nasa's Asteroid Mission Scrapped Under Trump's Budget
Now Showing: Week Of June 16
Okja Is A Masterful Blend Of Sweet, Salty, And Satirical (Review)
One Last Bat Time! Fans Will Get A Final Adam West Adventure In ...
Our Sun May Have A Long-Lost Twin: Scientistsnamed It 'Nemesis'
Review: 'The Book Of Henry' Loses Sight Of Its Plot
Sir Derek Jacobi to return as the 'War Master' in new Doctor Who audio series Snow Crash Movie Update: Filming Might Begin In 2017
Sphero's Spidey-Sense Tingles With A Spider-Man Desk Friend
Star Wars Six Director's New Film Has Fans Feeling A Disturbance In A ...
Stranger Things Season 2: Boss Warns That Fans Could Be ...
The 'Six Billion Dollar Man' Film Has Been Bumped To 2018 ...
The Old Guard Clashes With The Newbie In All-New Blade Runner ...
'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' News: Jessica Chastain In Talks To Play A ...


Alternative Energy Strikes Back In 'Kill Switch'
The Handmaid’s Tale Ends As It Began — by Amping Up the Anxiety
The Handmaids Tale Finale: Ok, Ladies, Now Let's Get In Formation
The Handmaid's Tale Spoiler Review: What Worked And What Didn't
The Handmaid’s Tale review – the best thing you’ll watch all year
How The Handmaid's Tale Freed Itself
The Mist Weaves A Web Of Drama And Paranoia
The Silly, Preachy Politics Of American Gods Could Ruin The Show


10 Underrated Space Movies
15 Reasons Why You Should Watch Blade Runner Right Now
Alien Megastructures: Where We Should Look Next
The Best Science Fiction Books of 2017 (So Far)
The Conservative Case for The Handmaid’s Tale
Costume Designer Ane Crabtree Dystopian Double Duty Of Handmaiden and Westworld
Doctor Who: What’s next after “Empress of Mars”
Dungeons, Dragons And Dice: Is It Finally Cool To Play Tabletop ...
Everything you need to know about Doctor Who series 10 episode 10 – The Eaters of Light
Fascinating Doctor Who theory suggests the Time Lord is dying
First Images From Captain Phasma Comic Series
Five Things You Didn't Know About Neil Gaiman
Friend Or Food: Netflix's New Sensory Thriller 'Okja'
Helping Or Hacking? Engineers, Ethicists Must Work Together On ...
Hey 'Mad Max,' Louis Herthum Wants In On The Action
How 'Westworld's' Louis Herthum Gets Into Robotic Character
How The Handmaid's Tale Changed The Game For Hulu
How The Handmaid's Tale is being transformed from fantasy into fact
How Women Are Changing Geek Culture
In science fiction, the future is feminist
Is Time Travel Science Fiction Or Fantasy?
Is Star Wars episode 9 In Trouble?
Kurt Russell's Connection To The Largest UFO Sighting In U.S. History!
Los Angeles Pays Touching Tribute To Late Batman Star Adamwest
Lowe's Tests Robotic Exosuit For Retail Employees
Luc Besson's Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets Passes China Censorship
Marvel Studios Reportedly Getting Special 10th Anniversary Logo
Non-Profit Wants To Create A Country In Space, Launching This ...
The Opening Door Sound In Star Wars Is Somewhat Of A Surprise
Over Awesome Con Weekend, Dc Will Prove Its Geek-To-Wonk Ratio
Revisiting "The Handmaid's Tale," the Opera
Ryan Gosling & Harrison Ford Face-Off In New Blade Runner 2 Image
Science Fiction meets Reality With Darpa Experimental Spaceplane
Scientific American -- Star Trek Legacy Lives On (Panel Discussion)
Setting Quality To Stunning: 'Star Trek: Discovery' Producer Claims ...
Should Catholics watch The Handmaid’s Tale?
Should 'Star Wars' Fans Be Worried About Painful Book of Henry Reviews?
Showrunners Praise Game Of Thrones For Blazing A Trail For Sci-Fi
The 10 Most Fake-Looking Recent Movie Monsters
The Author Remixing Narrative Tropes To Improve Representation In ...
Tor.Com's Free Ebook Of The Month Is John Scalzi's "Old Man's War"
Warlord Of Kor Public Domain Audiobook
Westworld: How Elastic Created Those Spectacular Main Titles
What To Read While You Wait For That 'Black Mirror' Book
Why Simon Kinberg Has The X-Factor To Direct 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix'



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