Monday, June 26, 2017

Link Round-Up: June 26, 2017

All Over the Map is a neat blog from the folks at National Geographic.

The “Andy’s Dad” theory from Toy Story has been floating around the internet for a while. Now, the full story of how the boy’s father fits into the movie’s world has been released, and oh wow is it ever sad.

The influential, instructional illustrator Ed Emberley is in his 80s and still drawing. He has a range of styles, from the Caldecott Medal-winning Drummer Hoff (1967) to his creatively die-cut Go Away, Big Green Monster (1992), and perhaps most memorably a whole range of drawing books, which generally start with the reminder that if you can draw these things → · U D Δ □ ⇝ you can draw all kinds of things. If you can't find his books, the EMBR Group has a blog of Ed Emberley's Drawing Pages.
Quest Builder is a fantasy LEGO set, inspired by games such as HeroQuest and Dungeons & Dragons, that was designed by Ymarilego. One of the cool features of Ymarilego’s LEGO set is that users can “create their own dungeons and lairs for the heroes to investigate.” The Dungeon Master set has achieved 10,000 supporters on the LEGO Ideas website and is currently waiting to be reviewed and approved by LEGO.  Ymarilego also made a small cartoon to give us a taste of how our Dungeon Master adventures might go.

"Why didn't great painters of the past reach the level of photorealism achieved by many artists today?" asks a curious Ouora user. An insightful answerer explains what the Masters saw that photographs don't show.

You really cannot buy video game soundtrack vinyls anywhere, but iam8bit goes the extra mile of occasionally producing some true gems, like Undertale’s entire soundtrack played on piano.

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