Monday, June 12, 2017

Link Round-Up: June 12, 2017

At Ai Weiwei’s Unnerving New Installation, The Art Spies On You

Check out the gorgeous concept art detailing the ‘No Man’s Land’ sequence from Wonder Woman.

The Cosplay of Geekulture Lanaudière: When Geekery Meets Family Fun

Fallout Pip-Boy PS4 Controller: Live in Your World, Play in Our Wasteland

The Free Library of 3D Printable Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures is Now Complete!

How to Clean a Dusty Picasso at MoMA: Use Your Spit

Redditors design worst volume sliders possible

ScreenRant has released a video called "10 Marvel Fan Theories That Will Freak You Out", and while I don't think they will freak you out, they are intriguing.

Sculpting with Books to Make Abstract Art

Yeah, sure, cellular automata are pretty great, whatever. Wait! Let's knit them on scarves! Yeah. Yeah, that's the--WAIT! I've got it! Let's plaster 'em all over a goddam train station!

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