Friday, June 16, 2017

Crafts: BioShock Little Sister Doll

Little Sister Doll by Kari Parham

Alright dolls freak me out enough to begin with and Little Sister is anything by cuddly to begin with, but Kari Parham has taken creepy dolls to a whole new level with with handmade Little Sister tribute inspired by BioShock.  Parharm has done an incredible job capturing the horror of Little Sister while still maintaining the "cute" element that makes your skin crawl in-game.  The final results are so good they look Photoshopped.
"The backdrop was made with foam board, poster board, hot glue, paint, and sheets of foam. It was made to come apart three walls and the floor. I just set the display in front of the TV to take a picture."

You could be forgiven for mistaken this Big Daddy doll for store bought, but believe it or not, Parham made that from scratch, too, along with the ADAM syringe.

The doll's glowing eyes were sculpted from translucent clay and lit with LEDs.  It took Parham over a year of trial-and-error to get the whole thing assembled.

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