Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sketches: Yannick Godts' Drawlloween

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Yannick Godts is drawing lovely little scenes for Drawlloween instead of simple character sketches.  The first thing I thought when I saw them was that they would make excellent napkins designs for a Halloween party, but I think that's mother talking.  She loves a well-set table.

October 5 – Werewolf

October 6 – Pumpkin

October 7 – Haunted House

October 8 – ZombieLook, I just don’t really like zombies that much, okay

October 9 – EyeballThis is actually pulled from some worldbuilding a couple years ago of a world where the gods, whose forms are giant reptiles made of earth and rock, have fallen dormant and become part of the landscapes as mountain ranges and islands. An arduous journey through the caves will take one to the giant crystalline eye of the crocodile god, in which it is said one may see visions of the past and future.

October 10 – Alien(I don’t like aliens that much either)

October 11 - Raven

October 12 – Moon

October 13 – Frankenstein(’s monster)As you may be able to tell, I drew this while rewatching Mad Max.

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