Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sketches: Lucie Bryon's Inktober

Inktober has started! I’ve never done this before, and maybe I’ll forget about it tomorrow but anyway : here’s a drawing! Since it’s October, I’m gonna do a series about fears, spooky 👻

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Lucie Bryon has an awesome take on Inktober.  She's drawing a one-panel web comic depicting a deep, dark personal fear each day of October.  The results turned out to be rather funny.

#Inktober day 2 ! Fears series 🐜👻

#Inktober day 3 ! Here’s a stupid one. 👻

#Inktober fear n.4 : Heights and crazy friends who want me to sit on the edge of rooftops

#Inktober 5 🔥

It’s my 25th birthday today 🎉 WOOPS, the #Inktober got super dark! 
Don’t worry, I actually love when it’s my birthday, but what better day for THAT fear right? 
In honor of my 25th year, I wish you all a fantastic day 🌟

#Inktober 7 ! I always fear bad news over the phone, but luckily, it’s mostly my dad telling me important things. 
Sidenote: thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! 💟 you’re all great and beautiful 🌟

#Inktober 8! Featuring my friend and great tattoo artist  Jeremie Kergroach 💀

#Inktober 9 ! 💀 Everytime I listen to some guilty pleasure music, I think about this. 
Also as you can see, I can’t write properly today so, white out everywhere! (I missed a day, so there’ll be 2 tomorrow! )

#Inktober 10 ! 👻 I’m the least confortable person in front of a camera.

#Inktober 11 ⛵ The sea is scary.

#Inktober 12 💀

#Inktober 13 👻 another nightmare I had recently. Surprisingly, I was not too sad about the face change though. Be careful,  don’t wash your face too hard guys.

#Inktober 14 👻 Afterlife is actually office work, and also, you have to be freaking naked. I could do a whole comic about my ideas about afterlife haha!

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