Friday, October 16, 2015

Link Round-Up: October 16, 2015

Shop Smart, Shop S-MART by MrDream

Dan Meth imagines what Cookie Monster would look like without any of his signature blue fur.

How has Hot Topic not already had Nightmare Before Christmas-themed clothing line?

How space travel became the unofficial religion of the USSR

Man Spends $60,000 to Make Incredible 100-Pound Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit

The problems arising from “writers’ rooms” on movie franchises like Star Wars and Transformers.

Star Wars shower heads for people who wonder what it would feel like to have R2-D2 pee on them first thing each morning.

There are at least three emoji-based programming languages: 4LangEmojinal, and HeartForth.  It sort of blows my mind that anyone would do this to themselves.

The Untold History Of Polka Dots (And Other Graphic Patterns)

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