Friday, October 16, 2015

Comic Round-Up: October 16, 2015

Alien: Defiance by Massimo Carnevale

"Alien: Defiance" by Massimo Carnevale

Event: Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer auctions return Oct. 17

Interview: Chuck Wendig & Adam Christopher preview Shield #1 from Archie Comics

Interview: Looking Back at Witchblade with Marc Silvestri, Ron Marz & Tim Seeley

Interview: Robert Venditti Discusses the Story Of Wrath of the Eternal Warrior

Interview: "Weaponizing" creativity with David Mack

News: The Legend Of Wonder Woman Will Reveal The Superheroine's Origins

News:Two of the Weirdest X-Men Stories Are Becoming TV Shows on Fox

Previews: The Astonishing Ant-Man #1. ALL-NEW HAWKEYE #1.

Reviews: John Babos on Uncanny Avengers #1.  Rob Clough on The Zoo Box.

10 of the Scariest Ongoing Horror Comics You Should Absolutely Read This Month

Cashing In On Comic Books: How Creator Page Rates Have Changed Over Time

Comic books and the joys of doing nothing

Fox may not want to give the Fantastic Four back to Marvel, but here’s why it should.

How Seth Rogen Plans to Shake Up Comic Book-Based TV

Tales of Three Planets by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Why Great Comic Books Like 'Jessica Jones' and 'Y the Last Man' Belong on TV

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