Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lego Creation: The Stargazer

The Stargazer by Legonardo Davidy

"Yeah I'm still a castle nut guys, I'm not completely lost to space ;)

The Mystic Isles of Avalonia house many diverse persons, creatures and landscapes. Wonderful Wallace, Brother of Senneck and Harry the Hallucinating Healer, is one of them. He lives in solitude in the middle of a small cluster of islands in the center of the isles. Unlike his elder and younger siblings, Wallace has deviated from potions and other magic, and found his love in astronomy. He spends his days charting the skies, bartering with the local fishermen, and smoking pipe-weed. Also like his brothers, he has an incredibly awesome beard, which he takes great pride in. potentially more pride than what he has in his astronomical discoveries.

Hey guys! Here is my main exhibit for the Christchurch brick show this weekend! it's been an interesting build, my original plan had been different, but then lugbulk didn't show up as early as i'd hoped so it changed :p the roof was a bit of a pain, but i'm pretty happy with the result. I had planned for a different colourscheme on the ground, but this worked too, when bulk arrives I guess I'll just have to build another moc with that scheme ;)

Now all I need is for it not to be completely obliterated on the way down to Christchurch!"

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