Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lego Creation: Corvette Space Cruiser

ANF “Trident” Class Corvette by -=Steebles=-

"Purportedly designed by Terran Admiral John Greer on a drunken bet, the ANF Trident began life as a re-purposed light freighter. Initially only a single-engined craft, Greer set his engineers to work adding as much power as possible to "see how fast we can get that bastard to go."

After realizing just how fast the new frame could go, hull and armaments were swiftly upgraded for field testing. In its first combat sortie, the Trident proved itself to be an extremely devastating fast ambush ship, able to jump within range of capital ships before their sensors were alerted.

***Thanks so much for all the great feedback while building this! It's certainly been a challenge - as this SHIP started as a near minifigure scale dropship that just wasn't working, and was scrapped 6 days into the build.

I never felt satisfied with my IP2002 SHIP from 2013 - so I devoted a lot more time, energy and thought into this one, as well as a lot more experience gained from two additional years of building. I find the results to be well worth it, this is one of my favorite builds that I've ever completed."

Whoosh! Off to photography!

And on the 18th day, he rested.

Last night of building. Just needs finishing touches and some straightening.

That's all for tonight. Last minute change requires cutting this close...

SHIPtember - Rear section. Almost there. Room in disarray. Must keep going. One more day.

Almost there...

This counts as one beer, right? SHIP for scale.

The home stretch begins now...

SHIPtember Day 13: Two halves make a whole!

SHIPtember Day 13: Lunch Break, SHIP style

SHIPtember Day 12

SHIPtember Day 12

Continued progress...

Ahhhhh...much better...

Fuck it. We're going Microscale.

SHIPTEMBER progress continues - drop pod nearing completion.

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