Monday, October 12, 2015

Comic Round-Up: October 12, 2015

Harley Quinn

Interview: Brandon Routh Talks ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, the Concept of the Show

Interview: Krysten Ritter & Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg Talk "Jessica Jones" at NYCC

Interview: Two New Dark Horse Series Announced from Writer Van Jensen

News: Avatar 2 news: Dark Horse to release comics based on franchise

News: Bryan Cranston Wants To Be A Marvel Super-Villain

News: New York Comic Con 2015: The Dark Knight Returns Prequel Announced

News: Siegel Case Scheduled for New Hearing

Reviews: Richard Bruton on the diary comics of Rina Ayuyang. Tom Murphy on The Story Of My Tits.  Alfred Ng on The Best American Comics 2015. Luc Sante on Richard McGuire's Here.

7 signs America has gone crazy for The Walking Dead

411 Mania names the Top 8 Comic Book Politicians

The Best Images from New York Comic-Con 2015

Black Widow Is Becoming A YA Heroine Again — And She’s Got Back-Up

How A New Generation of Graphic Novels Are Portraying Migration

How did NY Comic Con 2015 become such big business?

ICv2 Says Comics Industry Still Growing -- But A Bit More Slowly

New York Comic Con 2015, in pictures

NYCC ’15: Diversity Sells Out

Vin Diesel Could Play a Second Marvel Character With One Big Difference From Groot

Would Bryan Cranston Make A Good Marvel Villain? The Breaking Bad Star Is Ready To Go Dark Again

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