Friday, August 23, 2013

Link Round-Up: August 23, 2013

Chell by Drake Tsui

Interview: Cambodian-born illustrator Gavin Aung Than discusses his work on Zen Pencils

Bookshelfies, is a Tumblr filled with selfies but in front of your bookshelf. Get it?

Kotaku makes a case for why a NausicaƤ movie sequel or even trilogy could be on the way from Studio Ghibli.

STORY is running a Pitch Night on Monday the 19th, for their Made In America STORY. American makers are invited to show off their products to a panel of influencers: Made Movement’s Alex Bogusky, PSFK founder, Piers Fawkes, and STORY founder, Rachel Shechtman.

Sunny day? Go fly a kite in the shape of a Sailing Ship.

This one technically isn’t for kids, but how can you not love it that a Breaking Bad “Superlab” Lego-like playset exists?

Top 10 key ingredients for a successful, rapid redesign

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