Monday, August 26, 2013

Advice: 15 Golden Rules of Moviemaking

Danny Boyle’s 15 Golden Rules of Moviemaking

So far as I'm concerned, Danny Boyle is one of the top director working today.   His advice to young film makers is extremely refreshing.  What's more, the advice could just as easily apply to any creative field (or managerial position, for that matter.)
    1. A Director Must Be A People Person
    2. Hire Talented People
    3. Learn To Trust Your Instincts
    4. Film Happens In The Moment
    5. If Your Last Film Was A Smash Hit, Don’t Panic
    6. Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Stories About Other Cultures
    7. Use Your Power For Good
    8. Don’t Have An Ego
    9. Make The Test Screening Process Work For You
    10. Come To The Set With A Look Book
    11. Even Perfect Formulas Don’t Always Work
    12. Take Inspiration Where You Find It.
    13. Push The Pram
    15. Find Your Own "esque"

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