Friday, August 23, 2013

Event: Edgar Wright Art Show

The Official Edgar Wright Art Show at Gallery 1988

It’s Edgar Wright week at Gallery 1988! The gallery opened it's homage to the geek-tastic career of writer/director Edgar Wright last Tuesday.  Edgar Wright, Nick Frost, and Simon Pegg even put appearances.  There was a ton of man-cave worthy art inspired by Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim, and The World’s End. Via: Buzzfeed

"Triplecorn" by Aaron Jasinski

"A Hero Rises (from the couch)" Alexander Iaccarino

"Spaced" by Andrew Heath

"Shaun" by 100 Soft

"Pint Break" by Aled Lewis

"The Greater Good" by Aled Lewis

"Scott Pilgrim’s Weapons of Choice" by Alex Pearson

"You’ve Got Red On You" by Anthony Petrie

"My Threshold" by Barry Blankenship

"Zombie Shaun Of The Dead Wearing Antman’s Helmet" by Jonathan Wayshack

"The Black Forest Gateau" by Bennett Slater

"eyes of the evil exes" by Bob Rissetto

"Best Friends Forever" by Cuddles and Rage

"Hott Fuzz" by Cuddly Rigor Mortis

"Best Mates" by Daniel Nyari

"Shaun of the Dead" by Darin Shock

'Hot Fuzz" by Joey Spiotto

"Shaun" by Joey Spiotto

"World’s End" by Joey Spiotto

"There are reasons for you to hang out with me…" by Julia Vickerman

"Ed" by Kate Copeland

"Shaun" by Kate Copeland

"Scott Pilgrim" by M.S. Corley

"Shaun" by Mat Pringle

"Goodbye Old Friend" by Mick Minogue

"Shaun" by Mike Mitchell

"Scott Purr-grim vs The World" by Miranda Dressler

"Get to The Winchester Board Game" by Nick Stokes

"Spaced" by Sam Gilbey

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