Monday, April 29, 2013

Posters: Game of Thrones House Sigils

House Charizard / Targaryen by Cami Sanders / posted by

"Game of Pokemon" House Sigils by Cami Sanders (KaiKoa)
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"Hey guys! Here's the fifth in my Pokemon / Game of Thrones series that I never got around to uploading before. Charizard as the Targaryen dragon house sigil! I maybe enjoyed this one the most because, well, it's charizard."

House Mightyena / Stark by Cami Sanders / posted by
"#4 in my Pokemon / Game of Thrones series! Here’s Mightyena as the dire wolf sigil of the Stark house. I was going to be as faithful to Mightyena’s colors as possible, but in this context, his red nose looked like some serious reindeer games"
House Luxray / Lannister by Cami Sanders / posted by
"Second of the series!

Can I just say? Trying to imitate an art style that predated the concept of perspective is.. a trip. Also, this is a SHINY LUXRAY AS A GAME OF THRONES SIGIL OF LANNISTER, SHIELD YOUR EYES FROM THE ACTUAL NERD FACTOR OF THIS"
House Sawsbuck / Baratheon by Cami Sanders / posted by
"Phh, I never got around to uploading the rest of these. I'm bad at DA. #3 of the series! The Pokemon Sawsbuck (in fall form) as the sigil of House Baratheon from Game of Thrones. I know his flowery spring form is the typical one, but Baratheon’s all about fury. Flowers did not feel FURIOUS ENOUGH"
House Tentacruel / Greyjoy by Cami Sanders / posted by
"I am so predictable.

I know this idea's been done in various shapes and forms already, but I wanted to give it a go! I threw together some Game of Thrones house sigil parodies with Pokemon. Here's House Greyjoy with a golden Tentacruel in place of the golden squid. I've done a batch of these sigils in my freelance downtime, so I'll add the others gradually!"

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