Thursday, April 25, 2013

Installation: Laser Forest

 Commission for the STRP Biennale in Eindhoven

This interactive installation is composed of a forest of a hundred and fifty lit rods arrayed throughout a large factory.  When touched, the rods not only light up, they also create an unearthly sort of electronic tone, making the entire installation an enormous musical instrument.

"'Forest' is a large interactive musical laser installation. Commissioned by and premiered at the STRP Biennale in Eindhoven, this giant interactive forest covers almost 450 square meters and is composed of over 150 musical 'trees' made of rods and lasers. The audience can freely explore the space, physically tapping, shaking, plucking, and vibrating the trees to trigger sounds and lasers. Due to the natural springiness of the material, interacting with the trees causes them to swing and oscillate, creating vibrating patterns of light and sound. Each tree is tuned to a specific tone, creating harmonious sounds spatialized and played through a powerful surround sound setup."

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