Thursday, April 25, 2013

Electronic Art: The Transfinite

“A huge, immersive, electronic light-and-sound installation consisting of an immense wall — 54 feet wide by 40 feet tall — which serves as a screen for streaming video projections. 

On one side, horizontal black, gray and white stripes and bands divided into left and right sections scroll downward, flickering furiously to the sound of aggressively percussive, buzzing and whistling electronic music emitted by powerful speakers. 

The bar-code-like patterns extend across the white floor in front of the wall, where visitors who have doffed their shoes may loll, dance or meditate. It’s like a walk-in, animated Op Art painting.
On the other side, the floor is covered by soft black fabric and the wall is flooded by finely articulated, incomprehensibly complicated numerical and graphic data.

What is it to be human in such a universe? What values other than statistical ones sustain us?”

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