Friday, February 22, 2013

Video: Signal Loss

Hannes Hummel and his colleagues Philip Carbotta and Thilko Limbeck at the Cologne International School of Design used the Kinect and ReconstructMe -real-time 3D modeling software to scan themselves to create the character and his movements. Looking at the figure in this video running through a triangulated world, you might notice how his motion looks remarkably life-like animation for on-the reason for that is that they're modeled on actual human movements.

 Off he runs through a low-poly landscape with the audio of Pariah 's track "Signal Loss" to keep him company, jogging on through this abstract, video game-like environment Which they say was "created to mirror the melancholic mood of Pariah's track. " On the Vimeo page, and in the comments, so they note how they added a combination of motion capture and key frame animation to flesh out the runner and his shimmering landscape.

It's an impressive piece and worth watching in HD too, as it took them over a week to render the video on an 8-machine render farm.

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