Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paintings: Pop Culture Portraits

Duke R2-D2 by Hillary White

Duke R2-D2 based on Francois-Xavier Fabre’s Portrait Of A Man

These acrylic paintings by Hillary White are part of White's exhibit at Nosh Kitchen Bar in Portland, Maine, which runs through February.  The exhibit includes Formal Portraits of Batman, Voltron, and other pop culture icons.

Optimus Prime With Sunflower based on Anthony Van Dyck's Self Portrait With Sunflower
Prints available at Society 6.


Pale Man With Crown based on Ingres' The Virgin With The Crown
Bat Brueghel based on Anthony Van Dyck's Portrait Of Jan Brueghel


Colonel Tik-Tok based on a portrait of Henry Fuseli
Lady Gigan based on Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres' Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière


Gentleman Ranger based on John Singer Sargent's Portrait of Louis Alexander Fagan
Kermit  based on Frans Hals' Portrait of a Young Woman

True Muppet based on a True Blood promo



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