Thursday, February 14, 2013

Link Round-Up: February 14, 2013

Games and Roses

Lots of creative ideas for how to celebrate February 14th, with or without a sweetheart.

Make your own thumb print valentines

Need a few last-minute valentines? Check out this origami heart card tutorial from Omiyage Blogs!

You forgot all about Valentine’s Day and now must come up with an extra special momento to pacify your beloved. Or you are sitting home alone with no way to celebrate V-day. In either case, it’s crafting time! You can recycle things you probably already have to make Valentine’s Day trinkets. You can start by making a card with scrap yarn. You can make gift bows or a heart-shaped candy basket from recycled magazines, and a gift bag from a newspaper. You can make a love letter box from an old box. The kids or the artist in your life might like to get heart-shaped crayons, made from stubby old crayons.

If you’ve got nice former Valentine’s Day souvenirs sitting around, you can use the old candy boxes to make a picture frame or a Valentine clock, or make Valentine mobiles from old cards. You can make heart shaped pillows from old linens, napkin rings out of cardboard tubes, or plain old glass jars to make vases. If you cherish memories of your exes, you can decorate with your old cards. Or, like artist Gila Rayberg, you can make mosaic Valentines.

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