Thursday, February 14, 2013

Link Round-Up: Valentines Day Cards

11 Comic Book Valentines from Comic Alliance

Cerebral itch : "bitter and/or hilarious" Valentines cards

CollegeHumor TV valentines featuring Community, Doctor Who, Sherlock, etc.

Don't send a Valentine's Day Card, send a declaration of romantic intent

Download you own Star Wars valentines

Gears of War Valentines are both horror-inducing and heart-warming

Geek Mom's silly, printable Valentines feature robots, mad scientists

Geeky Science Valentines

Girl Gone Geek has a round-up of Doctor Who Valentines from around the web

Horrible Cards by The Oatmeal

Law & Order: SVU themed Valentine's Day cards made by Brandon Bird.

Natalie Dee's take on the Valentine's Day card might be a bit too close to the mark

Patent illustration Valentine's cards

Portal 2-Themed Valentines

Scientist Valentines

Starcraft II Valentine’s Day Cards from Gearfus

Someecards offers an amazing variety of pithy remarks as always, plus there are now user-generated memes for those of us who can't think up something clever to say.

Spooky Pooky's Mythical Creature Valentines

Wildlife lover? Try these Monterey Aquarium cards.

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