Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Street Art: The Reader

"The Reader" by Read More
On exhibit at Ditch Projects October 6 – October 27, 2012
"Read More’s work often appears dry and aggressive. It is calculated and crisp, loudly shouting at you from even the smallest of pieces; it does not seem to leave much room for subtlety. Often seemingly unfinished, it pulls at you with its details, the layers of paper and color creating a jumbled conversation of disjointed thoughts. It is a record of daily events, a visual diary of confusion."

"Read is a graffiti artist: graffiti as a visual aesthetic, graffiti as an attitude, graffiti as a crime, graffiti as a lifestyle. He is at his best when no one is watching, hiding in a tunnel with no deadlines, no money on the line, painting a wall only the adventurous will see. Graffiti, at its roots, is a scratch, and for a scratch to exist, it must have a surface, a surface it is working against. To put graffiti into a gallery, into a white space designed to visually disappear, designed to allow for any number of objects to be in the space without being affected, removes its relevance as graffiti. It is approved, it is sanctioned; in fact, it is for sale. It is no longer graffiti, now its just art. And what is left behind in this art?"
"Handwritten notes, burnt and torn, creating under layers of information, offer an incomplete back-story. You will be confused by this work, it will tell many parts of many stories, and will complete none. You will be asked to dig deep into your knowledge of materials."

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