Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Link Round-Up: November 27, 2012


"Eleven" by Rosy Higgins

News: Google Maps Now Features Museum Floor Plans Here's a complete list.

The first nine retrofuturistic Superman cartoons produced by Fleischer Studios from 1941 to 1942 are now available on the Internet Archive.

For years now, the primary way of representing and storing color on a computer display has been to define it as existing in three dimensions: Red, Green, and Blue. What if that's wrong? “While the appearance of a color on a screen can be described in three dimensions, the blending of color actually is happening in a six dimensional space,” How Fifty-Three, developers of the iPad painting app Paper, used a theory of paint optics from 1931 to develop a better color mixer.

Long exposure photos of airline traffic - like the mapping of flights with GPS, except more glowing.  Most of photos are from Airliners.net, where you can find a lot of cool stuff like these photos shot  looking out from inside the cockpit.

Readymag is a new interactive publishing platform which allows you to create, publish and discover truly amazing webzines. Be sure to play with the demo for a look at the bleeding edge of web interactivity. It's not quite a sci-fi future yet, but it's getting closer.

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