Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Link Round-Up: November 7, 2012


Calvin, Hobbes, and Susie for President  by Matt Hunsberger
Available for purchase as prints. US$25

Infographic: The History of Film

Freelance concept artist and matte painter Adam Kuczek has released concept art work he created for the epic film Cloud Atlas. Adam has also joined The Wachowskis’ art department to provide concept designs for their new big sci-fi production, Jupiter Ascending.

Master Chief’s evolution: the concept art of ‘Halo 4’ 343 Industries' Gabriel Garza talks about remaking an icon. Halo 4 is the first original game to come out of 343, but Garza has actually worked at the company for around four years now. Garza describes himself as a Halo fan — he’d played the games and followed the series’ fiction closely — so the decision to join 343 was a pretty simple one. “It was a no-brainer for me,” he says.
Watch Our Story In One Minute, a mesmerizing tapestry of footage tracing the cosmic and biological origins of our species

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