Friday, November 2, 2012

Gallery: Disney Mash-Ups

The Disney Empire Strikes Back by Paolo Rivera

"The Disney Empire Strikes Back" by Paolo Rivera

As soon as Disney announced they were purchasing Lucasfilm, the interwebs began envisioning the possibilities.  Some are bleak, others are optimistic.  All of them are amusing.  Enjoy.

Disney/StarWars mashup of the day.

Star Wars Episode 7 Disney logo by David Catterall

Star Wars Episode 7 Disney logo by David Catterall
Star Wars + Disney = A New Hope….finally.

Endor - Wishes. Dreams. The Force. by cubik

NEW THING cause the news we got today duh! Society6

Walt Dislucasny by Geekleetist

Star Wars / Disney Illustration by Paul Shipper

Due to the whole Walt Disney Company acquiring Lucasfilm Ltd. for 4.05 billion dollars today, artist Paul Shipper turned his original Star Wars piece titled The Gang’s All Here into an excellent Star Wars / Disney variant.

Spider-Vader-Mickey sketch by Mike Mayhew

Spider-Vader-Mickey sketch by Mike Mayhew

Disney now owns Lucasfilms and George is 4 billion dollars richer.  Does he really need more money? Anyway, here are some photo manipulation to mark this occasion.

Disney Assemble! My pal Horia added Kermit for me. The mouse owns everything!

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"Now that Disney’s bought LucasFilm" by Captain RibMan

STAR WARS 4 EVAH!!! by Matthew S. Armstrong

Yodickey by Ben Simonsen

Kneejerk Reaction by Ken Christiansen

Kneejerk Reaction by Ken Christiansen

The New Death Star
Created by Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias

The New Death Star by Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias

Created by Grégoire Guillemin

Pocket Princess #36

Amy Mebberson shows us how her Pocket Princesses would welcome Princess Leia into the fold. I love how Mulan and Merida are all about the weapons.

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