Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Illustration: Lord Of The Rings Stained Glass

Welcome From Lothlorien

"Galadriel welcomed the Fellowship to Lothlórien after their escape from Moria. When she met the Fellowship in her tree dwelling at Caras Galadhon, she gave each member a searching look, testing their resolve — though Boromir interpreted this test as a temptation. She was in turn tested when Frodo Baggins offered to place the Ring in her keeping. Knowing that its corrupting influence would make her "great and terrible", and recalling the ambitions that had once brought her to Middle-earth, she refused the Ring. She accepted that her own ring's power would fail and that her people would diminish and fade with the One Ring's destruction, and that her only escape from the fading of the Elves and the dominion of Men was to return at last to Valinor. There is the suggestion in the novel, backed up by other writings,[5] that in acknowledgement of this renunciation of power her personal ban from Valinor was lifted and she was finally given leave to return over the sea."

Gates of Argonath   Birthday Party of Baggins

Deep Into Moria   Rest in Gildor's Forest


  1. Hi! These are stunning! Do you mind if I make them into cross stitch patterns? Or rather, post a link on http://spritestitch.wikispaces.com/, a community for geeky stitcher? I'm not very good at converting images into patterns yet, and your designs deserve experts :). I will of course give credit where credit is due and post your name and links to your blog and Deviant art page. Best regards, SatelliteJane

  2. Holy crap. These are AMAZING. Do you actually intend to turn them into actual glass work? If not... do you mind others trying to do so off of your patterns? These are just gorgeous.


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