Friday, September 14, 2012

Painting: Tomorrow Land

Acrylic on Muslin
"The images start with the simple juxtaposition of large shadows over aerial views of depressed and abandoned locations.  The shadows cast are of things that symbolize, what I refer to as, "Aspirational Technology". These are things that represent, or at one point represented, the progress of our technological civilization and the glory which a high-technology future would bring.  The locations depicted are towns, neighborhoods and population centers which have been recently abandoned due to industrial negligence.  These areas represent the hubris of our species and lack of foresight that has been so catastrophic over the history of human civilization.  For me these works embody my optimism along with a realism about what we as a species are capable of."

"Greenpoint, NY"

"Centralia: Homes"

"Centralia, PA"

"Bethleham Steel: The Yard"

"Michigan Central"

"Love Canal: Homes"

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