Monday, September 17, 2012

Merchandise: Atomic Nixie Tube Clock

Atomic Nixie Tube Clock by Michael Barile

Time is a beautiful thing when it’s not wasted, though you might waste more than a bit of it gazing in admiration at this beautiful clock. Built around German nixie tubes, it comes wired with GPS to guarantee precise time-keeping.  It makes a perfect finishing touch for any work bench or science lab!


The MOD-SIX_7971 Gen II is a true direct drive 6 digit Nixie clock designed specifically for the very large Burroughs 7971 segmented Nixie tube. It is the only B7971 Nixie clock we know of that incorporates GPS time sync and temperature over our RF-Link wireless connection as well as offers conventional wired GPS! RF-Link allows the user to place the GPS receiver in the optimum signal strength location in the room without it being tethered to the clock. 

Other unique features of the MOD-SIX are the following: Wireless Remote Display ON/OFF, Auto brightness control, Rotary encoder user interface, Extensive font catalogue, QUIKSET time-set, User Programmable Firmware upgrades, Maxim DS3232 RTC time base, Tube life timer, Tube Segment test function, Temperature Display acquired by RF-Link module, Standard Wired with Optional  Wireless GPS, Automatic Daylight Saving Time compensation, and Backwards compatible GEN I GPS upgrades.

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