Saturday, June 9, 2012

Posters: Dark Knight Rising

About this time last year, amidst the frenzy of fan boy anticipation ignited by Warner Brothers announcing the final casting details of The Dark Knight Rises, we here at the Geek Art Gallery posted a round-up of all the amazing The Dark Knight Rises movie poster mock-ups that had been surfacing around the internet.  The response was phenomenal.  The post has since become the single most visit popular landing page for our little blog.

Since then, we've kept close tabs on new mock-ups in anticipation of the build-up to the movie's release this summer.  Well, that build-up began a few days back with a supremely disappointing “final” U.S. poster that was universally panned as amateurish at best.

Warner Bros. followed that poster with six character posters, four epic banners and one "secret" Catwoman poster unlockable with a QR code.  Sadly, the studio's on-going efforts have altogether failed to please fan.  As a result, hundreds of fan-made movie posters have surface.

While we weren't able to post them all, we're skimmed the cream of the crop.  Enjoy.

image-3718 image-3719 image-3736 image-3737 image-3738 image-3739 image-3740 image-3742 image-3890 image-3743 image-3773 image-3774 image-3834 image-3838 image-3869 image-3877  image-3887 image-3903 image-3891 image-3893 image-3938

This first batch could very easily pass for an official Dark Knight Rises studio one-sheets.

image-3806 image-3807 image-3967 image-3720 image-3721 image-3722 image-3723 image-3726 image-3727 image-3728 image-3729 image-3731 image-3732 image-3894 image-3889

This next set of character posters are based on the official Warner Bros. "Rise" series, but fans (particularly Messenjah Matt) have expanded the series to include the film’s supporting cast. There are several more of this series containing potential spoilers.

image-3754 image-3755 image-3756 image-3946 image-3947 image-3948 image-3798 image-3799 image-3800
image-3790 image-3852 image-3805image-3817 image-3818 image-3819

Franchise Sets

More than a few fans have opted to pay tribute to director Christopher Nolan’s entire trilogy, rather than stopping with The Dark Knight Rises. The top set is an homage (or parody) of the Star Wars prequel posters.

image-3900 image-3870 image-3771 image-3747 image-3748 image-3744 image-3884 image-3885 image-3886 image-3778 image-3827 image-3831 image-3833 image-3840 image-3851  image-3910 image-3905 image-3906 image-3842 image-3846 image-3847 image-3850 image-3872 image-3860 image-3861 image-3864 image-3866 image-3873 image-3874 image-3875 image-3883 image-3902 image-3901 image-3895 image-3896 


This lot might not pass for anything official, but they're still fun to browse through.  Clearly, there's some up-and-coming talent represented here.

image-3944 image-3945 image-3762 image-3746 image-3925 image-3843 image-3767 image-3768 image-3769 image-3765 image-3782 image-3789 image-3792 image-3804 image-3828 image-3829 image-3859 image-3830 image-3845 image-3855 image-3856 image-3857 image-3858 image-3865 image-3868 image-3930 image-3933 image-3764 image-3937 image-3878 image-3923 image-3921 image-3888 image-3907 image-3908 image-3936 image-3911 image-3920 image-3912 image-3929 image-3919 image-3924
image-3808 image-3809 image-3810 image-3913 image-3914 image-3926 image-3941 image-3927 image-3928 image-3931 image-3939 image-3959 image-3961 image-3962


Studios have abandoned the illustrated one-sheet, but fans sure haven't.

image-3788 image-3784 image-3814 image-3839 image-3816 image-3821 image-3823 image-3825 image-3841 image-3935 image-3880 image-3881


This is random assortment of one-offs. I'm especially fond of the film-noir take.

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