Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Link Round-Up: June 26, 2012

A recreation of the cover art of the Brand New album "Deja Entendu"

Brave and Pixar's other incredibly detail-oriented movies: By the numbers

Driving down the street in LA, you may notice coffee shops, gas stations or motels with bright primary colors, sweeping lines, bold angles and a retrofuture feel: Googie - Architecture of the Space Age. It was originally meant to look futuristic, but now it's considered kitsch. Even the most mundane food tasted good if the restaurant featured Googie-style archetecture and signage. iO9 collects some examples of Googie. Retronaut has examples from a children's encyclopedia, and the Seattle PI offers us a video and slideshow of the Seattle World's Fair, with lots and lots of Googie. ArchDaily writes: Googie Architecture: Futurism Through Modernism. One of the most prominent uses of Googie is at Disney, with the stunning mural The Prologue and the Promise. Eldon Davis(slideshow), LA architect who 'defined it and refined' Googie style, passed away last year.

Manhattan apartments are expensive enough, though having a 20,000-brick Lego staircase railing might make the payments worth it.

Minimalist Lego reconstructions of classic moments from sci-fi cinema. My favorite is the Death Star Hangar.

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