Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lego Creation: Portal Set

Thinking with Portals!

Team Jigsaw (Lego Junkie, 55555, Arkov and BrickThing) had been working on a Lego Aperture Science Sets for Cuusoo, complete with Chell, GLaDOS, turrets, and Modular Testing Room.

"Sadly Cuusoo considers Portal an innappropriate license for unspecified reasons, and although we tried numerous forms of contact we were unable to appeal this decision.

We didn't know this until we tried to submit the project, so we're left with a polished piece of work even though it's not possible to get supporters for it. So here are the results of our work, spread over this Flickr set and this Flickr set. Enjoy!"

Portal Minifigs

GLaDOS' Chamber


Portal minifigs and misc.

Modular Testing Chamber

Modular Testing Chamber Modules

Portal, 5/6

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