Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Short Film: The Eagleman Stag

What a beautiful way to spend 8 minutes! This stop-motion animation, carved out of foam and made entirely of highlights and shadows, follows the life (from pre-birth!) of a scientist obsessed with time. It has a ginormous list of (well-deserved) awards. And you can see some making-of shots here.
"Animated through stop-motion, the film incorporates thousands of hand-created models across 115 sets to tell the story of Peter Eagleman. From a young age, Peter possessed a peculiar awareness of time. Obsessed with the concept that any unit of time represents a differing fraction of one’s life depending on age, he becomes preoccupied with this “speeding up” of time as he grows older, and longs to reverse the process. In the meantime Peter grows, lives, ages. He becomes a celebrated entomologist, and through his work he stunningly stumbles upon a possible solution to his lifetime’s angst."

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