Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fresh Take: Versus/Hearts

Versus/Hearts by Philippine illustrator Dan Matutina

This playful project combines two characters that strongly dislike each other and combines their faces into heart-shaped images. He defines that, although rivals hate each other, deep inside, they know they couldn’t exist without each other. He also invites everyone to give suggestions for future heart-shaped rivals.

The Student & The Master
Oh it’s Lord Vader and my favorite Jedi - Obi Wan Kenobi. I never really liked Luke as a character (please don’t kill me :p), so I went with Obi Wan. If you’re having a great day, I suggest looking at this. Cheers!

The Pig & The Bird

The Geniuses
Ah Dexter’s Lab, my ultra favorite cartoon before Samurai Jack. The door of my room back in high school was identical to Dexter’s. Hahaha. I recreated the stickers with oil pastel and water color. :)

Red & Blue
I was thinking of doing Loki & Thor, but decided to go with Cap and Skull first. :) I was never a big fan of Captain America, but I loved the old Captain America cartoon theme.

The Titan and The Destroyer

Something to look forward to. :) This is for my friends in the US who recently watched The Avengers.

The Skeleton & The Man
This was one of my favorite cartoons when I was in Grade School, the others were Thundercats, Tigersharks, MASK, Transformers & Ninja Turtles. :) I didn’t like the Masters of the Universe live-action film though. :)

It’s the Big Bad Monster and the Plumber
The first video game I ever played on the Family Computer. :) 

The Demon & The Samurai
Samurai Jack was one of my favorite cartoon series when I was in high school. I’m a big fan of Genndy Tartakovsky, his works is one of the inspirations of my illustration style. :)

Mojo Jojo & Buttercup
Buttercup is my fave Powerpuff. :) I’ll make more hearts with Blossom and Bubbles in the future. :)

Spy & Spy
Your favorite spies.

Android & iOS
Why be a fanboy of anything? :)

The Joke & The Bat

The Zombie & The Plant

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