Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lecture: Nimoy’s 2012 Convocation

Leonard Nimoy’s 2012 Boston University Fine Arts Convocation Address

Despite having recently retired from acting, Leonard Nimoy delivered a very stirring address at Boston University last week.

He got the Star Trek gags out of the way fast and quickly moved on to offer some hard earned wisdom.
“My folks came to the United States as Immigrants – aliens. They became citizens. I was born in Boston a citizen. Then I went to Hollywood and I became an Alien.”
He shares exactly what Spock meant to him and how he found his passion. He discovered acting very young and aspired to share a message with his art. He makes a beautiful tale about how Spock means a lot to him and relates to his own personal story.

He also ties in with how students should follow their passions in order to achieve their true potential, just like he did when he was younger, which led him to a career in Hollywood.
"You are the creators, and curators of your own lives. You create your own life and your own work. Give us your best. Give us the best of your art. We crave it. We hunger for it. Help us to see ourselves, to know ourselves. Illuminate our lives. Keep in mind what Victor Hugo said, 'Popularity is the crumbs of greatness' And please, please, for the sake of our culture, for the sake of mankind, don’t create any more reality TV shows!"
Nimoy is a class act as well as a very funny guy. After listening to his address, there was no irony or gag when he came full circle and wished these grads, “Live Long and Prosper.”

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