Thursday, May 24, 2012

Event: Sci-Fi-London

"Future Inc." by Future Tense

Sci-Fi-London put on another 48 hour film challenge this year, challenging film teams to make a short based around a given title, a snippet of dialogue, a short list of props, and an optional "scientific" theme. After two days in April, over 380 shorts had been made, and the winners have now been announced and and their short films posted on Sci-Fi-London's Vimeo account.

Other Short-listed Films:
Rising Tide by Banterdillos
Nothing More Than Thunder by Super Awesome
The Travels Agent by Timesluts
Spectrum Shift by Shaven Ape (NSFW semi-nude bits)
Eradicate by The Vogon Poets
Choose by Bokeh Pictures
Dead Air by Brighthelm

The Runners-up:
Back Story by Heller Do
Backwoods by Tree Babies
Hands To The Wheel by Laymen
He And I Can Travel by Blind Aura (not [yet] online?)
Inconsistent Results by Midnight Ash
Leyman’s Curse by Kindred Spirit
Sunrise by Flock Of Condors
The Bond by The Sticky Bandits
The Correct Angle by The Why Men (currently a private video)
The Other You by Intoxy Films

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