Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Installation: Leviathan


Leviathan by Anish Kapoor

Each year, the French ministry of culture and communication invites a leading artist to create a work that responds to the exceptional architectural space of the Grand Palais. As part of a challenge to match the grand scale of the Grand Palais, Kapoor filled it with a massive four-chambered balloon bathed in red lights. The entire installment makes a person feel like they're voyaging through the chambers of the human heart.

With this exhibition, he calls for museums to close for a day in protest at detention of artist Ai Qeiwei in China.

"As a colleague – I don't know him personally – I feel that as artists we have a communal voice and it's important that we stick together, that we have a sense of solidarity with each other,'
anish kapoor said. it would be nice to see the art world come together a little more.  Perhaps all museums and galleries should be closed for a day across the world. I think some such campaign needs to form itself."

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